Work Ordered Day

Klubbhus Fontana – Together we can accomplish a lot!

Klubbhus Fontana follows a work oriented day and the tasks we do are important to keep the association running. The clubhouse is the members own home where everyone’s efforts are meaningful and important. We have a meeting every day at 9:00 and 13:15 where we plan and distribute the days tasks together. Participation is voluntary and the members choose what tasks they want to do themselves. Routines and habits are important for functioning daily life. Att Fontana you can get the help and support you need through meaningful activities!

Go to the different work points and familiarise yourself more with our work oriented day!

The kitchen

At Clubhouse Fontana we make our own lunch. Members and a staff member plan, shop for and make the food.


At the clubhouse we have our own café, which is available to all the members and personnel. The one manning the caféteria’s tasks are to make coffee, take payments and shop for anything needed for the café.