Membership in Fontana

  1. Membership has no time constraints and is free
  2. Membership doesn’t include obligatory agreements or time tables
  3. Absence and it’s length does not affect the membership
  4. Membership is based on voluntarily partaking
  5. To be a member it’s enough if you’re experiencing or have experienced mental illness
  6. In the clubhouse everyone is equal
    Our association is voluntary, but members are encouraged to take part in the work oriented day. Members are also responsible for their own belongings.
  7. Members have the right to get half of their bus or train ticket compensated if they participate at least 4 times a month in the community and live over 2km away from the clubhouse. If they drive to the clubhouse they get a compensation of 0,13 cents per km. If they have the possibility to take a bus or train but choose to drive instead, the highest compensation is half of the bus or train ticket.
  8. At Fontana both the members and personnel have professional secrecy
  9. All sorts of selling and borrowing money are prohibited within the clubhouse.
  10. Breaking the rules can lead to temporary suspension.
  11. At the clubhouse we respect each others and the houses property.
  12. It’s prohibited to come to the clubhouse under the influence.
  13. At Fontana we also go on outings to various places and participate in different events. At Fontana there’s only a registration list. The activities are most of the time free, but occasionally they will need a payment of 5-10€