The Fountain House ideology has spread around the world in the last 60 years.

All c 350 clubhouse function according to the same association model and the international contacts have an important role in the association. The sense of community between the clubhouses is strong and everyone works to promote rehabilitation for people with mental illnesses and creating contacts to society through workplaces or study. Klubbhus Fontana opened it’s doors in Karis the 4th of October 1999, with support from Karvetti Klubbhus in Nådendal. The clubhouse owns the premises at Lokföraregatan which is an old wood house from 1915 with a big, leafy garden. The clubhouse is located in the city centre with near access t trains, busses and shops. Västra Nylands Fountain House association r.f. bears the legal and financial responsibility for the clubhouse.