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Oy Fonttis Service Ab works together with Klubbhus Fontana and offers a previously unavailable piece of the puzzle between supported work and an association that steers towards the open job market (e.g. ). We expand and add versatility for the mental health rehabilitators possibilities to get and do work.

Oy Fonttis Service Ab’s association in the form of a company compliments the clubhouses work oriented day and the transitional work program. By having an own business Oy Fonttis Service Ab increases possibilities for work in a flexible and tailor-made way.

Employment is a worthy investment – for all parties

The possibility to work and get a reasonable salary are crucial for the individuals well-being and quality of life. This lowers the strength of the illness and the requirement of care. All the work that gets done increases possibilities and the chances of getting a job. It also increases the individual’s self-confidence, feelings of importance and the feeling of being an important part of society.

Our services

We offer members of Klubbhus Fontana a possibility to work outside the clubhouse according to your own capabilities and life situation. We enable study and internship possibilities for part time workers.

To customers we offer a service based on your needs where the ones that do the work come there themselves. We invoice only for finished work and we take care of the employer’s obligations. We handle choosing the worker, training, introduction and tutoring by discussing every case individually. The employed can by request get tutoring and support in between working periods as well.

We also work together with the labour administration and we seek work for those that struggle to get any.

The can for example be

  • Cleaning work
  • Property management like gardenwork and snow clearing
  • Warehouse work
  • Posting information
  • Office work
  • Kitchen work
  • Work in the retail industry

We also accept work offers that tight in the amount of work, one-off/seasonal work passes and continued part-time work. Work rate and objectives are tailor-made, so they fit part-time working.

Frequently asked questions

For what type of work do you have a workforce?

Through us you can find workers for corporate or private people’s contributions and seasonal work, either for one-off tasks or long-term work. The tasks are always tailor-made to the employers and employees needs. Read more about our services.

Am I the employer?

Oy Fonttis Service Ab takes responsibility for all employer obligations.

Is it safe to receive a worker through you?

Our members have been outside the job market for such a long time that getting work in the open job market is too big of a step. Oy Fonttis Service Ab offers its members the possibility to safely ease back into the job market according to their own capabilities. We go through each task and find the individual that is right for the job.

How much work can I get done?

That depends entirely on the employee. Some can easily do 20-hour work weeks, some are ready for half hour shifts. And everything in between, the amount of work is tailor-made to fit the employer and employee.

What are the costs?

The employee gets a reasonable salary and as well as the salary, ancillary costs and statutory obligations are paid. The financing for Oy Fonttis Service Ab comes from elsewhere. Private persons have the right to household deductions if other conditions for household deductions are met.

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