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Behöver du en timme hjälp med gräsklippningen? Ut med hunden två gånger i veckan? Har du t.ex. en gammal soffa eller något annat som behövs föras till avfallsstationen? Då har Fonttis möjligheter att hjälpa dig!

Clubhouse Fontana

Welcome to Klubbhus Fontana’s webpage! Klubbhus Fontana (Västra Nylands Fountain House Förening Rf) in Karjaa is intended to help people that have or have had mental illnesses. The goal of the association is to boost self-confidence, support rehabilitation and make it possible to transition back into the workforce or student life. Being a member in Klubbhus Fontana is voluntary and without time constraints. Members choose when and how they want to partake in the association. We work in a bilingual environment, side by sidefor a work-oriented day, where the community is a big part of daily life. Klubbhus Fontana follows a work-oriented day and the tasks we do are important to keep the association alive. The clubhouse is the members own house where everyone’s efforts are meaningful and important. Everyday we have a meeting at 9am and 1:15pm where we plan and distribute the days tasks together. Participation is voluntary and members choose what tasks they want to do themselves. A ruotine and habits are an important part of daily life. You can get the help and support you need through meaningful tasks at Fontana!

Wellcome to Clubhouse Fontana, here we are